About Us

What is ReportAlert.info? We provide announcements of the latest company–issued Corporate Responsibility (CR) and Sustainability Reports. We call these announcements 'ReportAlerts'. The announcements are provided by the company or organisation issuing the new CR or Sustainability Report. They include website links to the report being announced together with relevant contact details. Distribution We distribute ReportAlert announcements using combinations of direct email, website listings (both on our own homepage and via partner sites), social media and RSS feeds.

We provide the most reliable and comprehensive source of free CR reporting news available on the web. We continue to expand our service to cover more reporting companies and use new technologies to offer a range of options to receive our news. Over 65,000 stakeholders have registered to receive report announcements.

Report-issuing companies
We provide access to a highly relevant and constantly expanding audience of CR stakeholders through a unique combination of direct emails, website listings, social media and RSS feeds. Our audience continually expands through online sign-ups, and we maximise the reach of our ReportAlerts by utilising a range of distribution channels and media.

Why ReportAlert.info?
There is no comparable information provider specialising in the dissemination of information about new CR and Sustainability Reports. We understand that many stakeholders may not wish to receive general CR news, but do need a reliable source of updates focusing on new reports, so our service is tailored for this audience.

Who is behind ReportAlert.info?
The ReportAlert service was founded by CorporateRegister.com, the world's largest online directory of CR/Sustainability reports. In September 2015, ReportAlert became a part of the 3BL Media family of companies and sustainability services which include CSRwire, Ethical Performance, Justmeans, Social Earth and 3BL Media.

How can I announce my report?
We have a range of announcement options which are detailed here. Simply follow the instructions and contact us if you need any further information.

How long does it take to announce a report?
This largely depends on the time of year. During peak reporting periods you may need to secure a slot several weeks in advance. Please contact us on UK/EU: +44 (0)1227 720 900 or US: +1 802 535-3215 to discuss availability.

If you want to announce your new CR or Sustainability report, or have any questions about this service please contact us at info@3blmedia.com.