Our Audience

ReportAlert.info is a multi-media announcement service for CR reports.

You can access a range of relevant audiences with the following tools:

We have the largest email distribution list for CR and sustainability. ReportAlert announcements are emailed to over 30,000+ people worldwide, who have signed up to receive the report announcements and who have a proven interest in reading these reports.

Our worldwide audience includes:

ReportAlert announcements will feature on ReportAlert.info, 3BL Media, and CSRwire.com. These sites focus solely on CR and sustainability topics and issues which ensure that visitors are relevant stakeholders. Your report announcement will be archived on these sites indefinitely.

We are an official provider of report announcements to both Google Finance and Google News. We also partner with a number of key websites featuring our ReportAlert announcements. Primary distribution is through the 3BL Media network of investors, analysts, journalists, academics, consumers, practitioners, PR and IR professionals. Distribution includes, but is not limited to: Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Associated Press, COMTEX, Reuters Insider and more than 100 CR and sustainability focused websites. These ensure that our ReportAlerts are distributed to both mainstream online media and a CR focused audience which reaches far beyond our email recipient list and website visitors.

ReportAlert also provides a RSS news feed, which is accessible free of charge to all site users to add to their personal feeds e.g. Yahoo or Google, or to display on their own websites.