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Barilla G e R Fratelli SpA

Barilla publishes Sustainable Business Report 2012

16th July, 2012

Barilla Group, the Italian Food Company since 1877, has released its new Sustainable Business Report 2012, downloadable here. The new Report is articulated into three main histories, telling the reader how Barilla works in a sustainable way every day. The first history analyzes the supply chain of the Group: from field to fork. The second one reports on the Barilla Quality concept: Total Quality is Sustainable Quality. And the third one is about Food and Nutrition, analyzing the main initiatives Barilla carries on promoting a healthy life-style and a right nourishing behavior. The key message of the document is that: “Sustainability is Barilla way of doing business since 1877”. Sustainability is the way the company acts taking into account economic, social, environmental aspects through the whole supply chain and providing products good for People and the Planet in partnership with the suppliers, the retailers and the communities. The new document contains the main 2011 data and key performance indicators, the achieved goals and the new objectives the Group has set towards 2014.

Barilla is the Italian Food Company leader in the pasta business worldwide, in pasta sauces in continental Europe, in bakery products in Italy and in crispbread  in Scandinavia. It has been managed for over 130 years by one family’s entrepreneurial experience and is now run by the fourth generation siblings: Guido, Luca, Paolo and Emanuela Barilla. Barilla owns 41 production sites, of which 9 are directly managed mills that provide most of the raw materials for the production of its pasta and bakery products. To learn more about Barilla Group’s sustainability strategy or to read the previous sustainability reports, visit the company website: For more information, please contact: Mrs Ilaria Lenzi, Sustainability and NGOs Relations Manager, or
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