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Sulzer AG

Sulzer (SWF:SUN) publishes Sustainability Report 2012

28th March, 2013

Sulzer received the highest Application Level A+ (G3) from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for its online Sustainability Report 2012.
The company reduced the frequency and severity of accidents. Major indicators for ecological sustainability also improved. As an integral part of its sustainability commitment, the company now covers relevant major product categories with environmental product declarations.

Creating financial value
In 2012, Sulzer achieved adjusted growth in sales of 4.1%. With a return on capital employed of 15.5%, Sulzer clearly created financial value.

Looking after employees and communities
Health and safety remained of the highest importance for Sulzer. In 2012, the company further reduced the frequency of accidents by 21% from 3.7. to 2.9 and reached its corporate target of 3.0 cases per million working hours. To raise safety performance to the next level, Sulzer rolled-out its global Safe Behavior Program (SBP) in 2012 focusing on employee empowerment. Engaged and committed employees are a key factor in sustained business success. The voluntary attrition rate dropped to 7.9% in 2012 (2011: 8.3%) as a result of specific measures to increase employee commitment and to further drive talent management activities.

Reducing the environmental impact
Sulzer aspires to be a leader in energy efficiency within its industries, both with regard to its own operations and the ecological performance of its solutions. In 2012, CO2 emissions per net value added were reduced by 7.5% compared to the prior year. In the same year, energy consumption per net value added remained stable. In order to highlight the high environmental standards of Sulzer solutions, the company issues environmental product declarations (EPDs). By providing eco-efficient solutions to its customers Sulzer not only creates customer value, but supports its customers in building sustainable economies.

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