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Henkel KGaA

Henkel (FRA:HEN) publishes Sustainability Report 2012

6th March, 2013

Henkel is today publishing its Sustainability Report 2012 simultaneously with its Annual Report at its Press Conference for Fiscal 2012.

For more than two decades, Henkel has been publishing a dedicated Sustainability Report alongside its Annual Report. In the 22nd issue, which is being published today, the focus is on the internal anchoring and implementation of the sustainability strategy that Henkel presented in 2012 and has been implementing since then in global programs together with its employees. At the core of the strategy is the goal of achieving more with less and tripling efficiency in the next 20 years.

The strategy was developed on the basis of Henkel’s commitment to leadership in sustainability. The company aims to pioneer new solutions to sustainability challenges while continuing to shape its business responsibly and increase its economic success. In addition to involving its employees even more deeply in the process, Henkel also worked in 2012 to intensify its collaboration with its partners along the entire value chain. This included cooperation with suppliers on the one side and joint projects with customers and retailers on the other. Retail groups provide Henkel with excellent platforms for informing consumers about more sustainable products and how to use them in an environmentally responsible way.

Henkel’s sustainability performance in 2012 shows how the company works continuously to improve its efficiency and safety. In the last eleven years, it has reduced water consumption by 44 percent, energy use by 43 percent and the waste footprint by 53 percent per metric ton of output. Over the same period, the number of occupational accidents dropped by 86 percent. These achievements are important milestones for Henkel, regarding its medium-term targets for 2015 and on the road to tripling its efficiency by 2030.

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Further information and examples are provided in the current Sustainability Report. The print version is supplemented by the online report at

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