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American Electric Power

American Electric Power (NYSE:AEP) publishes its 2013 Corporate Accountability Report Web site

1st May, 2013

Safe, reliable electric power has long been the backbone of America’s economy, delivering comfort and quality of life to customers and a competitive edge to businesses. American Electric Power (NYSE: AEP) is committed to ensuring a secure energy future by diversifying its resources, delivering on its environmental and social commitments, and by investing in innovative initiatives to improve system reliability and performance and reduce environmental impacts.

American Electric Power, a CorporateRegister Priority Reporter, is pleased to announce its 2013 Corporate Accountability Report Web site, “Energy: Powering America’s Future.” This year’s report, which is fully web-based, is complimented by an iPad app that is available at It is AEP’s fourth integrated report and its seventh year of reporting on its sustainability performance.

The company’s report features four key areas: Leadership & Strategy; Business Performance; Opportunities & Risks; and Partnerships & Engagement. Highlights of AEP’s 2013 Report include:
  • Results of the company’s first formal materiality assessment
  • The company’s best safety performance in its 107-year history
  • A fleet transformation plan to retire about 5,500 MW of coal units by the end of 2016 and retrofitting or refueling another 11,000 MW by 2020
  • Helping communities affected by coal plant retirements retool their economies
  • The changing dynamics of resources to produce electricity
  • Innovations in transmission enabling new business opportunities associated with the shale gas boom
  • AEP exceeded its energy and demand reduction goals in 2012
Through its materiality assessment, AEP sought to align its reporting with the principles of the Global Reporting Initiative, the International Integrated Reporting Council and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board.

About AEP
AEP is one of the largest electric utilities in the United States, serving more than 5.3 million customers in portions of 11 states.

To provide feedback on this report and AEP’s sustainability initiatives, please visit

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