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STMicroelectronics NV

STMicroelectronics publishes its 16th Sustainability Report

25th July, 2013

STMicroelectronics releases its 2012 Sustainability Report

This year again, ST’s Sustainability Report provides a very transparent and detailed view on ST’s Sustainability strategy, deployed worldwide through its business policies and concrete actions to create value for all its stakeholders. As one of the world major semiconductor companies, ST aims at being recognized as a global leader in innovation for Sustainable Development through excellence in our People, our Products, the Environment and the Community. In 2012, ST undertook its first external stakeholder survey and improved the content and structure of its Report thanks to the valuable feedback provided.

This Sustainability Report provides performance against the company’s new targets of Sustainability strategy for the first time, providing concrete examples to illustrate the progress ST have made and the challenges faced across the business.

The report has been aligned to ST Sustainability strategy and its four pillars:
• our People
ST strives to support its employees in their growth and development within the company by promoting their health, safety and well-being but also by contributing to their employability and engagement.
• our Products
ST constantly tries to be proactive by providing its customers high-value through high quality, innovative and eco-designed products helping to address major societal challenges in energy saving, healthcare and security.
• the Environment
ST’s operations worldwide are rigorously controlled in order to reduce its impact on the environment. ST strives to reach its EHS Decalogue objectives by focusing, in particular, on water, waste and energy savings.
• the Community
With the highest level of business integrity, ST is committed to create value for its stakeholders through constructive, transparent engagement and collaboration in the local community within industry groups and with the academics.

This report is prepared and presented in accordance with the 2006 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 Guidelines.The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) has confirmed an A+ rating according to G3 Reporting Guidelines.

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