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Golder Associates Corporation

Golder Associates publishes 2012 Sustainable Development Report

2nd October, 2013

Golder Associates, a global consulting, design and construction services company driven by its purpose to "engineer Earth's development" while "preserving Earth's integrity," has released its 2012 Sustainable Development Report,

Titled “Breaking New Ground,” the theme is representative of Golder’s commitment to innovation. The report discusses how ground-breaking approaches are used, not only by incorporating sustainable development principles into the solutions provided to clients, but also in overcoming challenges and obstacles on this sustainable development journey.

The report conforms to the GRI B Grade standards and includes 27 indicators. It is organised around the six areas of Golder's Sustainable Development Commitment -- organisation, people, governance, operations, clients, and communities.

This year Golder has chosen to emphasise certain issues considered of greater materiality for the company. Thus, the report describes activities and plans to maintain financial health, promote the highest standards of ethics and integrity, and improve the health and safety culture. It also talks about how Golder continues to develop and maintain its client base and manage its reputational risk.

The company is choosing to re-establish the baseline for its carbon footprint reduction by now using 2012 data and reconfirming the 20 percent goal per person. However, it is reassessing the feasibility of achieving this by 2015.

You can view a summary of progress towards a number of targets by accessing the scorecard that is found in the Highlights PDF on the report website.

Established in 1960, Golder helps clients overcome challenges related to many of the issues being faced by society today, including extraction of finite resources, energy and water supply and management, waste management, urbanisation, and climate change.

Golder welcomes feedback from interested parties. Questions or comments can be directed to Lea Chambers, Global Marketing Leader,

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