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Soci't' de transport de Montr'al

Societe de transport de Montreal publishes Sustainable Development Plan 2020

19th November, 2013

The Sustainable Development Plan 2020, based on a continuous-improvement approach, follows up the Sustainable Development Action Plan 2007-2011. It draws on such sources as stakeholder consultations, the company's Strategic Plan 2020 and the context in which the STM operates. These factors enabled the STM to identify the key issues which the Sustainable Development Plan 2020 addresses.

The STM contributes to the sustainable development of the city of Montréal in two ways. First, because the service it provides offers citizens an efficient, safe, environment-friendly mode of travel, while also helping to improve quality of life. And second, because it acts responsibly by integrating environmental, social and economic considerations into all of its activities and business processes. The Plan therefore presents 10 priorities revolving around two focus areas: sustainable mobility and sustainable management. Using 2011 results as a baseline, it presents goals for 2015 and 2020 for a number of indicators.

One of the priorities outlined in the Plan is to improve service to maximize the benefits of public transit. In fact, the STM is targeting a 40% increase in ridership, to reach 540 million trips in 2020.

The Plan also aims at improving accessibility, reducing the STM's ecological footprint and atmospheric emissions, and practising sustainable procurement, among other commitments.

The 2012 Sustainable Development Report scopes STM's performance between 2006 and 2012 and presents 2012 highlights.

The Société de transport de Montréal operates and develops an integrated bus and metro network and paratransit service throughout the island of Montréal. It provides approximately 1.2 million trips per day.

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