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Aurora Organic Dairy

Aurora Organic Dairy publishes 2012 Corporate Citizenship Report

15th November, 2013

Aurora Organic Dairy, a leading U.S. provider of high-quality retailer brand organic milk and butter, today announced it has issued its first Corporate Citizenship Report. The report establishes a 2012 baseline on sustainability metrics, and provides a comprehensive look at Aurora Organic Dairy’s unique vertically integrated business model, as well as its standards for sustainability and social responsibility.

As the Company’s inaugural report, Aurora Organic Dairy’s 2012 Corporate Citizenship Report outlines one- and five-year goals for sustainability metrics, such as greenhouse gas emission reductions, energy use, water, and solid waste and recycling. It also reports on important social responsibility metrics, such as animal welfare goals, employee welfare and community support.

The report is the culmination of five years of data gathering and management. The Company has built on that research, and now has a comprehensive sustainability tracking tool, and management-level, company-wide working groups to establish and reach sustainability goals. It includes a complete view of the business to demonstrate how the Company’s integrated business model, and focus on quality, sustainability, animal care, employee welfare and community support all work in harmony to ensure responsible growth.

The Aurora Organic Dairy report is a GRI G3 – C Level report with Food Processing supplement disclosures.

Aurora Organic Dairy is the leading producer of private-brand organic milk and butter for U.S. retailers. Based in Boulder, Colorado, it operates a calf ranch and organic dairy farms in Colorado and Texas, as well as an organic dairy processing plant in Platteville, Colorado. Aurora Organic Dairy is involved in overseeing quality organic standards from cow to carton. It monitors the entire product lifecycle, to ensure quality from its farms to its processing facility, focusing on organic quality every step of the way. For more information, contact

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